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 How to Use Your Mala . . . 

Find a comfortable seat in a quiet space where you will not be disturbed. Take your mala into your hands and hold it close to your heart as decide on your intention, prayer, or mantra. 


You may choose to use the same one for every meditation or use what speaks to you at the moment. For example, if you are having a hectic day and are feeling a bit frazzled, maybe your intention is simply “Inner Peace”. There is no limitation when it comes to setting your intention or choosing a prayer or mantra to use. You may say it once at the beginning of your meditation and repeat it to yourself mentally with each of the 108 beads on your mala, or repeat it out loud. I find it beneficial to say it out loud as to feel the vibrations of the energy within once I hit the 108 repetitions and stop to listen to my body. Just remember this is your meditation practice, no one else’s, do what feels best for you. 


When you are ready, take your mala into your right hand and take a few deep breaths, with each inhale feel your spine expanding upward, reaching your crown (top of your head) towards universe above. Notice the airflow of your breath, breathe naturally, don’t force it. Bring your intention to your mind and begin at the guru bead. Slide the beads between your thumb and middle finger, repeating the mantra or focusing your intention with each bead and breath. When you reach the guru bead, pause and reflect. If you feel like you desire more from your practice you may then reverse the direction of the beads as you begin to count again. Always stopping at the guru bead and reversing back through the mala, never continuing straight through.


When you feel complete, take a moment of silence before getting up to continue your day. Feel gratitude for allowing yourself to practice and to do something loving and healthy for your body. Carry the peaceful feeling of the meditation with you for the rest of the day by placing your mala around your neck.


If you would like to dedicate your intentions to someone else (a loved one, a friend in need, or anyone else), then you would keep your mala with a picture of that person for the day and dedicate your intentions to them before you begin. Sending healing vibrations to a friend or loved one through meditation can go a long way in supporting them in a time of need.

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