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This stunning mala is comprised of 108 agate and amethyst beads featuring black quartz for the mindfulness and guru beads. With the healing properties of the stones hand strung into this mala it would make a great tool for releasing negative energy from ones life. Wearing this mala troughout the day will keep energy protected in addition to complimenting your day to day atire. 


Purple Agate: Keeps you grounded during meditation allowing your consiousness to open to unlimited possiblites. It also helps to cut toxicity from your life. This crystal has been known to aid in spiritual awakening.


Amethyst: A great crystal for clearing negative energy and neative thoughts from ones mind. This includes the negativity of stress and anxiety, which is why it is a helpful tool in ridding oneself of darkness.


Black Quartz: A powerful protective crystal that aids in warding off negativity that affects your body, heart, mind, and soul. this crystal will cleanse your aura so that you will attract only positive vibes from the outside world.


Although the mala was handstrung with love and care it will travel through many hands durring shipping process and may pick up some unwanted energy along the way. To avoid taking on this energy every mala is shipped with a small bundle of sage to cleasnse the energy of the mala before wearing it for the first time. Guaranteeing that the mala is yours and yours alone.

Agate and Amethyst

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