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Not feeling yourself lately? Perhaps you need a tool to help you tune into your inner being. This mala is comprised of 108 stone beads featuring carnelian, amethyst, and agate with matching mindfulness and guru beads. The healing properties of these stones will aid in releasing negative energy while providing protection and support in times of transformation or enlightenment.

Making this a powerful tool for meditation in addtion to a beautiful addition to any day to day outfit.


Carnelian: This is a great stone for letting go, finding your true self, and keeping your energy protected. Carnelian has been known to dispel negative thoughts and feelings while attracting positive vibes. With the negative thoughts removed you will be able to hear your inner being and touch into the power of true expression.


Amethyst: A great crystal for clearing negative energy and negative thoughts from ones mind. This includes the negativity of stress and anxiety, which is why it is a helpful tool in ridding oneself of darkness. An amazing crystal for tuning into your inner being, who you are at your core.


Purple Agate: This gorgeous crystal is a protective stone that aids in removing toxic people, places, or things from you life. This includes negative thoughts or beliefs by awakening yourself to the eternal chatter. With this transformation you will find yourself feeling stable, secure and self confident. This stone will not only help you find yourself but your voice as well.


Although the mala was handstrung with love and care it will travel through many hands durring shipping process and may pick up some unwanted energy along the way. To avoid taking on this energy every mala is shipped with a small bundle of sage to cleasnse the energy of the mala before wearing it for the first time. Guaranteeing that the mala is yours and yours alone.

Carnelian, Amethyst and Agate