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Not feeling yourself lately? Perhaps you need a tool to help you tune into your inner being. This mala is comprised of 108 stone beads featuring carnelian and brecciated jasper with matching mindfulness and guru beads. The healing properties of these stones will aid in releasing negative energy while providing protection and support in times of transformation or enlightenment.


Carnelian: This is a great stone for letting go, finding your true self, and keeping your energy protected. Carnelian has been known to dispel negative thoughts and feelings while attracting positive vibes. With the negative thoughts removed you will be able to hear your inner being and touch into the power of true expression.


Brecciated Jasper: A great stone for the workplace. Brecciated Jasper will help keep you protected throughout the work day by removing any negative energies that cling to you and sending them back to their source. This stone is also beneficial at work for those who tend to feel overwhelmed, the Brecciated Jasper will keep you grounded and focused on the task at hand.


Although the mala was handstrung with love and care it will travel through many hands durring shipping process and may pick up some unwanted energy along the way. To avoid taking on this energy every mala is shipped with a small bundle of sage to cleasnse the energy of the mala before wearing it for the first time. Guaranteeing that the mala is yours and yours alone.

Carnelian and Brecciated Jasper

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