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This gorgeous mala is comprised of 108 jade and agate beads featuring amazonite mindfulness and guru beads. The jade will promote positivity by shedding the negative energies and emotions that have been weighing you down, while the agate will ward off any toxicity that trys to invade your space.


Jade: This crystal is excellent for dreamers. It aids in discarding negative patterns that may be holding you back from your full potential. Jade will encourage you to pursue your your personal ambitions relentlessly. Turning your dreams into a reality.


Agate: A great stone for the workplace. Agate helps protect you from any negative energies of the office or your co-workers, while promoting positive vibes within, keeping you feeling energized and focused on the task at hand.



Although the mala was handstrung with love and care it will travel through many hands durring shipping process and may pick up some unwanted energy along the way. To avoid taking on this energy every mala is shipped with a small bundle of sage to cleasnse the energy of the mala before wearing it for the first time. Guaranteeing that the mala is yours and yours alone.

Jade and Agate

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