These guardian angel pins are one of a kind pieces due to the unique beads and hand formed structure of each angel. They make great gifts for those who may be going through a rough time, experiencing a major life change, or embarking on a new advenutre. You may even be the one seeking comfort in your guardian angel, if so this may be the perfect pin for you. 


Your guardian angel has been watching over you since you took your first breath. Your angel is unique to you and will walk with you wherever you go and support you the whole way. You are never alone!


My guardian angel saved my life. She opened my eyes to a cancer that was growing in my body completely undeteceted. Thanks to her the doctors were able to remove the tumor before it could spread. To show my gratutide I want to spread the love and to help support others who deal with ovarian cancer. 25% of each Angle Pin purchase goes to OCRFA (Ovarian Cancer Research Fund Alliance). The donation helps fund life-saving ovarian cancer research, as well as resources, support, and advocacy for newly diagnosed women, those in treatment, and survivors.

Sunrise Angel Pins

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