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This fierce mala features 108 tiger's eye stone beads with matching mindfulness guru beads. The amazing properties of these stones will aid in letting go of toxic energies and emotions, while promoting the strength of mind and self confidence to turn your dreams into reality.


Tigers’s Eye: An all around helpful tool to restore the equilibrium in your life. If you feel like you are loosing control of your life or any given situation, lean on this stone for support. Tiger’s eye will aid in releasing your fears and anxieties, giving you courage, strength of mind, and self-confidence to make your dreams a reality.


Although the mala was handstrung with love and care it will travel through many hands durring shipping process and may pick up some unwanted energy along the way. To avoid taking on this energy every mala is shipped with a small bundle of sage to cleasnse the energy of the mala before wearing it for the first time. Guaranteeing that the mala is yours and yours alone.

Tiger's Eye

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